Thursday, September 07, 2006

Update on The Loser

I completely forgot about this in my obsession about being old. Y esterday when Kaylie told me about her tooth she, of course, wanted to call her daddy. Now, at this point I don't know if he has gotten out of jail or what, getting information from the damn sheriff's department is pretty damn near impossible. So, I decided to just dial the number and give her the phone, because, I reeeeaaaaalllly didn't want to talk to his girlfriend. Well, fuck me, he answers the phone. Hmmm, I guess mommy, once again, has bailed her stupid son out of another mess he created by his own lack of responsibility. But, hey, that bail money comes to me, so who give a shit.

Kaylie has soccer practice tonight and I am assuming they will be there. Can't tell you how excited I am (I'm being sarcasic, sometimes sarcasm doesn't come across in emails and blogs and such). Hopefully, he will be smart (very doubtful) and keep any comment he may have to himself and hopefully stay faaaaaaaaaaaaar away from me. I mean, it's a big fucking soccer field, can't you sit somewhere other than right next to me.

I believe I will continue to be the bigger person, most definitely in front of my daughter. He's just lucky I won't have any alcohol before the practice, I probably wouldn't be so nice.

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