Thursday, September 07, 2006

UGH, I'm starting to feel old...again

Guess what??!!?? Kaylie lost her first tooth yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!! How exciting is that. She was so proud and the little gap in her bottom teeth is so cute. So, last night, the tooth fairy, of course, had to visit. And, of course, all the tooth fairy had last night was a twenty and I'm not sure that was how much she wanted to spend. Anyway, we are putting the girls to bed and Kaylie has already explained the whole tooth fairy thing to Haley and while upstairs, of course, they are discussing it again. Kaylie starts to tell Haley that the tooth fairy is gonna get her. Thank goodness Haley wasn't paying attention. I could just see her freaking out and being scarred for life thinking the tooth fairy will GET her.

Ok, so I run across the street to Walgreens, because, like I said, the tooth fairy has a budget. I got change and I left $5 under Kaylie's pillow. Now, she has come to the conclusion that the tooth fairy gives you money based on how old you are.

Oh. God. What. Have. I. Done????????

How do I change this little mindset?? No honey, the tooth fairy only gives you that much for your first tooth, from now on you will only get quarters? I don't think that my, loves to go shopping for clothes and shoes, five year old is gonna go for that.

Who the hell came up with all this tooth fairy, Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, bullshit anyway???

By the way, the youngun behind the counter at Walgreens called me ma'am and asked if I was a teacher. I should have smacked him in his head with the Twizzlers I was buying, the little punk.

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