Wednesday, September 06, 2006

No Title, why does there always have to be a damn title??

This past weekend something happened that really made me feel better about alot of things. On Sunday, Chris went to the Memphis - Ole Miss game (GO TIGERS!!). This left me at home with the girls, no prob, it was a nice day, plenty to do. I decided to do some cleaning (I should say MORE cleaning, since I'm not sure I EVER do anything else) and decided to tackle our upstairs closet (I know you've never seen it, no one has, it's totally embarassing). I started cleaning the closed and the girls were cleaning their room at the same time.

Where was Alyssa you ask?

Downstairs fending for herself, ha, just kidding, taking a nap. That child has decided that I am not to leave her sight, lest I disappear and she never see me again.

Back to my point, don't interrupt!

While cleaning, Chris calls, just to "check in". He is apparently afraid that these children of ours will take over while he is gone and tie me up and rampage the house. That is, in fact, always a possibility. I assure him that things are fine, everyone is alive and well. Well after I get off the phone with him, I have a voicemail. I check it and it was from Liz, Chris' ex-wife. She was just calling to talk with Haley. I called her back and she and Haley talked for a few minutes and then Haley brings me the phone back. Liz was still on the phone so we started talking. Note that we have met several times and briefly spoken to each other, there has never been any issues between the two of us, which I am grateful for.

Anyways, we talked on the phone like we were old friends, talking about our babies, mine 7 months, hers 7 weeks. Talked about the kids and how they act sometimes and how we react to that and just all kinds of shit. We also talked about how glad we were that our situtation has been so good, as far as, the kids and getting along with each other and all that. During and after our conversation, which was fairly long, I realized that if we had met each other under different circumstances, we probably would have been friends. We have alot more in common than I realized, we both have stupid, irrational fears where are children are concerned. My husband would probably not like it, but I would like for the two of us to talk more often, she's a pretty cool person (hmmm, hope she didn't get off the phone thinking, I don't like that bitch). Lots of people talk with there spouses exes, hey just because they didn't get along doesn't mean we can't, right??

Anyway, this all just made me even more hopeful that we can all continue to get along well and raise our kids

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