Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I just really need to scream!!! This day has been waaaaay too busy. I have a Compliance Review that I was supposed to have completed last Friday; anyone wanna guess if I acutally completed it? Of course not, so today, I am trying my best to get all this shit finished (FYI, it's definitely not something that can be done in one day) and my boss is giving me crap that is not even work related to do. HELLO, I'm trying to do your compliance review, due last week!!!!!! The fucking phone won't stop ringing, and of course, client's come in that I don't know about and I have to scramble to get shit together for a meeting!!!!!

Also, I went online to make sure that my insurance company had sent insurance info to the bank for the new truck. I get online and the only vehicle they have listed on the policy is my van! WTF!!!!! First of all, last month after I took Chris's old truck off the policy and added the new one, I did this online, I get the new policy docs and, go figure, they only added the new truck. Our premium was alllll kinds of jacked up. I called and had them remove the truck as of the day I tried to do it online. I get my new docs which were finally correct so I thought all was good. Obviously not! Anyway, it took being on the phone with the insurance company for about 10-15 minutes to finally figure out that they had changed the policy but it will not show up online until the policy renews, which, luckily is this week. I also had to call the bank and make sure they did not decide to add on insurance since the insurance company will not be sending proof until after the renewal. Anyways, insurance companies pissssssss me off sometimes, fuck that, allllllll the time.

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