Thursday, August 31, 2006

Yesterday was a (semi) wonderful day!!!

Ok, so yesterday was my day in court and it went BETTER THAN I COULD HAVE EXPECTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so I get to court around 8:30ish, it doesn't start til 9, but, let's face it, I couldn't wait and parking downtown is a BITCH. So I'm sitting there waiting on the courtroom to open so I could go in a freeze my ass off and I'm thinking "ok, is the ex-husband gonna show up or what?" I am also wondering if he is gonna bring his new girlfriend of 2 months for the show (he didn't). I finally go into the courtroom and, since I've been there soooo many times since I got divorced, the judge's clerk knows who I am; how sad is that?? Anywho, she asks me if the ex is there (lets give him a better name than The Ex, how about the Loser, yeah I like that one).

Ok, back to my story. She asks me if The Loser is there and I told her that he is usually late but I was assuming he would show up. So court is called to order, blah, blah, blah, and the case before mine on the docket begins. The Loser shows up shortly after, which I was glad about cuz I don't wanna continue going back to court. The first case, boring as hell by the way, FINALLY finishes and they call me case. We move to sit up front and the judge asks me to go ahead and give him the facts, which he already had in front of him, but wanted me to kind of explain. So I explain to the judge that The Loser (I didn't call him that in Court, but I wanted to) hadn't paid child support since February of 2006. I also explained that we were in his courtroom one year ago for the same thing and 2 years before that also. The judge asks The Loser why he hasn't paid and he says he wasn't working for 2 and 1/2 months, yada, yada, yada, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit and thats why he couldn't pay. Mind you, he could ask his girlfriend to come and live with him and help to support her but not his own child. Ok, so the judge asks him why he didn't look for another job, and he tells him that he has looked and cannot find a job, ha! Come on now, McDonalds is always hiring.

The judge really didn't like this. The Loser brought in his latest paystub, he went back to work for his last job, and said that child support was being taken out. I looked at it and, yeah, child support was coming fucking payment last week, WTF!!! I guess he though this was gonna be good enough to satisfy the judge. wasn't. The Loser is currently in the custody of the Shelby County Sheriff's Department and will be in their custody until he pays $2,500 bond which comes straight to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was what I wanted but I wasn't sure it was gonna happen.

I thought about running up and hugging the judge, but I'm gonna guess that courtroom deputy would have frowned on that.

Anyway, I finally get to work around 11 and I am just in the best mood possible. I am at work for 2 hours when Alyssa's babysitter calls to tell my that my 7 month old is throwing up and has diarrhea. OMG, there goes the great mood. I go pick her up and take her to the doctor and she has a stomach virus. Where she got it remains a mystery, cuz, no one she's been around has one. Who the hell knows. But all in all yesterday was a pretty awesome day, at least for me, don't know about The Loser.

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